Student Support & Initiatives

CMU students are curious, ambitious and innovative. They are gaining deep knowledge in their disciplines, but as they prepare for their futures, they also seek experiences to enrich their education.

Through resources that include studying abroad, internships and educational enhancement opportunities, our scholars will explore new avenues of learning while gaining increased problem-solving skills, independence and real-world knowledge.

You can make investments to help students thrive throughout their college experience, supporting their success and creating opportunities for students to pursue their passions. Your support will have a direct impact on enhancing the experience for Tartans today and in the future.

You can make diverse, supportive learning opportunities possible for students through:

Student Success Center: Support the growth of students through academic coaching, language support, technology assistance and accommodations, and resources for students with disabilities.

Tartan Scholars: Ensure that all CMU students thrive by providing students from limited-resource backgrounds with a support system that includes social, academic, emotional and financial assistance.

High Impact Educational Experiences: Create enriching experiences for students through access to professional, community and research opportunities. With support, CMU students can change the world and achieve their full potential.

Internships: Help students achieve a high-impact summer experience through the CMU Summer Internship Experience Fund. This U.S. needs-based grant encourages early career experiences that support students’ academic goals and career exploration for those who may not have the resources to pursue a low-paying or unpaid internship.

Study Abroad Sponsored Programs: Cultivate cultural experiences for students as they explore the benefit of living and studying in another country. Students from a variety of economic background have the opportunity to gain cultural and educational experiences by studying abroad.

Seed Grants: Spark ideas in service learning, the study of the brain, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary student research with support for projects that enhance learning and create opportunities for students to explore their roles as leaders, citizens and scholars.

When you support the learning initiatives of our students, you are stimulating new ideas and preparing a new generation to take their ideas into the world.

Group of students in front of a sign in Nyadire Zimbabwe

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