Enhancing Personal Health and Well-Being at CMU

Carnegie Mellon students are academically engaged, curious, creative and driven.

They hold themselves to the highest standards, which is why they leave CMU prepared to be the world’s best researchers, engineers, artistic and creative visionaries, scientists and business innovators.

These remarkable young people deserve dedicated space and programs during their formative college years that will help them to find a critical balance between their rigorous academic work and their personal well-being, and develop positive habits, relationships and mindsets that will shape their lives and careers.

By co-locating health, wellness and counseling services in the same facility with recreation programs and Tartan Athletics, CMU will better meet students’ mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs in an integrated and effective way.

Entryway to CMU building

In fall 2019, Highmark Inc. accelerated Carnegie Mellon’s transformational initiative with a $35 million investment in the lives of CMU students through a lead grant to support the construction of a new health, wellness and athletics center.

This new nexus of student life will rise at the corner of Tech and Margaret Morrison streets and serve as a welcoming entrance to campus. At its heart will be a modern, integrated facility for the delivery of health, wellness and athletics programs on the site of Skibo Gymnasium.

The $105-million, 160,000-square feet project will revitalize an underused part of campus into a destination where students will:

  • Access comprehensive university healthcare and counseling services
  • Meet up with teammates for practice or get in a quick workout
  • Attend health and wellness workshops
  • Play a pickup game
  • Learn about mindfulness
  • Make new friends and social connections

Here, students will lay a foundation for a lifetime of physical and mental well-being, and CMU’s student-athletes will find the resources to reach their full potential — from classroom to courtside.

Helping our talented students develop and maintain healthy bodies and minds is paramount to ensuring their lifelong success, both personally and professionally. We are delighted to extend our partnership with Highmark Health to bring to fruition our vision for a unified, comprehensive facility that supports many facets of students’ well-being.

Farnam Jahanian, CMU President

Research shows that when properly resourced and delivered, health, wellness and recreation programs empower students to excel in their academic pursuits, which in turn helps with student retention, progression and graduation.

By putting these services under one roof, CMU will help students embrace health and wellness as a critical part of their studies, and prepare them for the full range of challenges in their lives.

The health, wellness and athletics building will provide a permanent home to University Health Services (UHS), Counseling and Psychological Services  (CaPS), wellness programs, and recreation and athletics facilities. The new location will provide state-of-the-art facilities with an expanded footprint to deliver high-demand programs like preventive care, healthy living classes, counseling workshops, spirituality programs, training rooms and more.

Bringing all these services together will deepen the holistic approach to overall student health at CMU while amplifying its positive effects for Tartans today and into the future.

a nurse and student talk in a student clinic exam roomUniversity Health Services (UHS): A fully-accredited primary care health center, UHS provides individualized medical care, health education and comprehensive care management for students who need coordination of resources and services to support their health and well-being.

a woman speaks with a CaPS counselor in a comfy roomCounseling and Psychological Services (CaPS): CaPS helps students achieve and maintain a healthy mind and spirit in order to support their success and personal growth. Staff offer brief-term therapy, crisis intervention and triage, and connection to Pittsburgh mental health providers, and conduct outreach education and prevention workshops.

Two students listen to another student read in the CMU Mindfulness Room

Wellness Programs: These initiatives provide students with opportunities to learn about self-care and self-advocacy:
• Positive habit formation • Mindfulness • Religious and spiritual programming • Stress management • Healthy eating and sleeping • Exercise

CMU player makes a shot during a basketball gameAthletics: This facility will be the home to Tartan Athletics. Its new and refreshed spaces, along with expanded resources, will enhance the fitness, health and performance of CMU athletes in a modern facility that will serve team sports, provide sports medicine, and host recreation and intramural athletics.

To date, nearly 20 donors have joined with Highmark Inc. in the effort to make this important part of a the CMU experience possible.

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