Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz College is unique. By uniting public policy and information system graduate programs under one roof, we create the connections that today’s complex problems demand.

The smart solutions that Heinz College students and faculty design and deploy range from creating connected, safe, intelligent communities to testing smarter data-enhanced health care solutions.

With your support, we will accelerate issue-oriented, technology-driven research and erase the boundaries between academia and the “real world,” growing shared prosperity by designing solutions at the nexus of people, policy and technology.

A Message from the Dean

Ramayya Krishnan

At the Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy, we believe the next generation of leaders must understand the consequences of technology on society. The connection between the two defines our time, and will continue to shape the future of humanity.

The work being done at Heinz College is at the forefront of what’s known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. During this time of dramatic technological disruption, we have made it our mission to be a force for good.

By supporting our interdisciplinary research and our vision of educating future leaders for “intelligent action,” you help to solve complex societal problems in critical areas like health care, cybersecurity, criminal justice, energy and the environment, digital consumer behavior and smart communities.

Together, we will prepare society to navigate increasing automation and a changing economy. We will improve transparency and reduce biases in algorithms. We will spur innovations that promote shared prosperity.

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What will you and Heinz College

Advance research at the intersection of technology and humanity.

Advance research at the intersection of technology and humanity.

With a long history of building bridges between public policy and information systems, Heinz College is uniquely situated to trace the connections and effects of technologies on human life and work. Your support will fuel smart solutions to today’s complex problems.

Help us make it possible
Fund societal problem solvers

Fund societal problem solvers

Humanity is at the heart of our work. From health care to smart cities, Heinz College faculty and students are designing and deploying innovations that will change the world. Your support will accelerate the impact of this issue-oriented, technology-driven research.

Help us make it possible
Equip graduates with the confidence to lead organizations that change the world.

Equip graduates with the confidence to lead organizations that change the world.

By erasing boundaries between academia and the real world, Heinz College creates opportunities for students to apply technology and analyze data to solve organizational and policy challenges. Your support will connect tomorrow’s leaders with practical experience that will shape the future.

Help us make it possible

Help us make it all possible

Advance research at the intersection of technology and humanity

  • Block Center for Technology & Society
    Amplify the Block Center’s impact on the study of technological disruption’s effects on humanity to ensure that the benefits of change are widely shared.
  • Metro21: Smart Cities Institute
    Create opportunities for research, development and deployment of technology and policies that will make our communities safe and livable.

Fund societal
problem solvers

  • Endowed Chairs
    Provide faculty with funding that inspires their teaching and fuels their research, and assist us in recruiting great educators and researchers to Heinz College.
  • Ph.D. Fellowships
    Advance innovative research into pressing issues at the nexus of technology, information systems, policy and analytics by supporting passionate doctoral students.
  • Community Engagement Fund
    Support a “living lab” for testing CMU ideas and technologies in the Pittsburgh region

Equip graduates with the confidence to lead organizations that change the world

  • Master’s Fellowships
    Give future information technology and public policy leaders the support they need to turn their passions into intelligent action and help us recruit talented students to Heinz College.
  • Issue-Oriented Course Development Funds
    Encourage students to examine the facets of complex problems through courses that focus on a single issue, encouraging deep thinking and exploration of radical solutions.
  • Competency-Oriented Course Development Funds
    Facilitate learning through courses that allow students to pursue knowledge and skills in a format that allows for flexibility.
  • Collaborative Learning Spaces
    Improve classroom function and accessibility to provide a modern, more engaging environment, technology enhancements and hands-on experiential experiences to encourage greater collaboration and active learning.
  • Heinz Washington Experience
    Provide opportunity for Heinz students to make an important impact in a federal agency for spending a semester or year in Washington, D.C.

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Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy
Associate Dean of Advancement, External Relations and Marketing