Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

Extraordinary times call for the kind of extraordinary solutions that occur only at the nexus of people, policy and technology. That’s exactly the kind of revolutionary thinking and doing you’ll find at the Heinz College. Here, students gain the skills and experience to become tech-savvy policymakers and ethical tech leaders who embrace the unprecedented collaboration that today’s problems demand.

As the only academic institution to unite graduate degrees in public policy and information systems, we trace the interconnections and effects of technology on human life and work. The solutions we design and deploy reach into every corner of our lives: smart, connected cities; unbiased algorithms; and data-enhanced health care systems, to name just a few.

With your support, will enrich the preparation that our students receive, erase boundaries between academia and the real world, and ensure even more opportunities to design and deploy technology and analyze data, solving long-standing organizational and policy challenges.

A Message from the Dean

Ramayya Krishnan

At the Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy, we believe the next generation of leaders must understand the consequences of technology on society. The connection between the two defines our time, and will continue to shape the future of humanity.

The work being done at Heinz College is at the forefront of what’s known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. During this time of dramatic technological disruption, we have made it our mission to be a force for good.

By supporting our interdisciplinary research and our vision of educating future leaders for “intelligent action,” you help to solve complex societal problems in critical areas like health care, cybersecurity, criminal justice, energy and the environment, digital consumer behavior and smart communities.

Together, we will prepare society to navigate increasing automation and a changing economy. We will improve transparency and reduce biases in algorithms. We will spur innovations that promote shared prosperity.

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What will you and Heinz College

Advancing research at the intersection of technology and society

Advancing research at the intersection of technology and society

Heinz College tackles many of our toughest global problems, seeking to understand them deeply and from all perspectives. With your support, we will update our capabilities to meet a changing world.

Help us make it possible
Funding the work of society's problem-solvers

Funding the work of society's problem-solvers

We understand that by leveraging technology, analytics and policy, we can spark better ideas and innovations. With your support, we will give tomorrowʼs policy and technology leaders more practice, preparation and opportunity.

Help us make it possible
Equipping graduates with the confidence to lead organizations that change the world

Equipping graduates with the confidence to lead organizations that change the world

When we give future leaders the chance to apply their knowledge, they’re better able to see their potential
for impact — and change the world for the better. Your support will connect tomorrow’s leaders with practical experience and educational resources that will shape the future.

Help us make it possible

Shaping technology. Informing decisions. Inspiring action.

Help us make it all possible

With your support of research at the intersection of technology and humanity, we will:

Advance the mission of the Block Center for Technology and Society

Make cities smarter for the benefit of their citizens

Ignite research in critical societal areas

  • Technology and Society Innovation Fund
    Increase the impact of Heinz College through programs, opportunities and initiatives that explore the intersection of humanity and technology, and that develop innovative solutions to the problems that face society today.
  • Smart Communities Impact Fund
    Advance Heinz College’s efforts to shape policies and technologies that will transform city life and resolve critical issues affecting metropolitan areas.
  • Dean’s Innovation Fund
    Invest in current programs and new initiatives that address emerging priorities and promising areas of inquiry at Heinz College.

With your support of societal problem-solvers, we will:

Attract and retain renowned faculty

Prepare tomorrow’s groundbreakers and innovators

Build partnerships to deploy research in the real world

  • Endowed Professorships
    Inspire faculty with funding that empowers their research and teaching goals, and help Heinz College recruit even more of these leaders.
  • Ph.D. Fellowships
    Secure a Heinz College education for promising doctoral students — regardless of their financial circumstances — and help inspire a generation of diverse scholars who bring a wide-ranging set of perspectives to solving global problems.
  • Community Engagement Fund
    Fuel research by Heinz College faculty and students, and enable them to test and deploy their ideas in ways that have a direct impact on the residents of the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

With your support of the future leaders at the Heinz College, we will:

Ensure experiential learning opportunities

Fund Heinz Washington Fellows

Expand diversity and inclusion initiatives

  • Student Experience Funds
    Help our students bridge the gap between theory and actuality, through practical, meaningful learning and growth opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom. These include conferences and professional meetings, course-based and extracurricular research projects,
    the Heinz Washington Program, internships and fellowships, and more.
  • Scholarships
    Secure a Heinz College education for passionate graduate students, regardless of their financial circumstances, through endowed scholarships such as these.

    • W.W. Cooper Scholarship Fund: Attract academically and professionally high-achieving students by increasing the impact of our premier merit-based scholarship, named for Heinz College’s founding dean.
    • Access and Affordability Fund: Encourage, empower and support highly qualified and diverse students from traditionally underrepresented populations to join Heinz College’s programs.
  • Program Innovation and Scholarship Funds
    Advance the Heinz College programs that inspire you, giving them the ability to respond to emerging priorities and promising areas of inquiry, and to attract talented students with endowed scholarships.

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Jon C. Nehlsen
Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy
Associate Dean of Advancement, External Relations and Marketing