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Our world is changing faster than ever before, and its problems are bigger and more complicated. Knowledge used to advance from insight to insight, but its once steady expansion has turned exponential. At the intersection of emerging voices and data, complex issues are arising — demanding new models for collaboration. Now more than ever, we must work together to innovate.

Carnegie Mellon engineers are constructing a better world: one that is energy-efficient and more connected, where technology can be trusted. We will drive the technological leaps that will create the future.

The College of Engineering is doing work that people can see, touch and imagine in their daily lives. Your support will drive our transformation and lift our reputation. More important, youʼll help elevate expectations of how exceptional tomorrow can be.

A Message from the Dean

William Sanders

As a world-class institution, the College of Engineering is committed to educating creative and technically strong engineers and pioneering solutions to global challenges. We do this with an unprecedented dedication to integrating across disciplines.

We’re known for building remarkable innovations, fit for the future world we all want to live in. Our unique integrating culture and approach to solving complex problems, Advanced Collaboration®, is deeply native to Carnegie Mellon University. It enables our engineers to create breakthrough innovations in the dynamic, rapidly changing world around us.

Join us in the pursuit of tackling society’s challenges with your gift to the College of Engineering.

Your support will strengthen our learning-by-making student experience, expand our breakthrough research and celebrate our star talent. With these priorities before us, together we’re going to build tomorrow.

Carnegie Mellon Thistle

What will you and the College of Engineering

Solving problems by leveraging the power of Advanced Collaboration®

Solving problems by leveraging the power of Advanced Collaboration®

In the College of Engineering, barriers don’t stop us. Our history of groundbreaking innovation proves it. We’re bringing together researchers from across disciplines to find elegant solutions to complex challenges. Your support brings together inspired minds to make game-changing ideas a reality.

Help us make it possible
Enabling engineers to create breakthrough innovations

Enabling engineers to create breakthrough innovations

With pioneering minds and outstanding talent, we will shape the future of engineering. We approach the future with the spirit of creative innovation, asking the questions that will spark groundbreaking research. Your support can be the catalyst that makes that research possible.

Help us make it possible
Producing exemplary engineers based on multidimensional learning

Producing exemplary engineers based on multidimensional learning

By energizing our maker culture, we will enhance hands-on experience at the heart of every student’s learning and foster creativity in problem-solving. Your support will unleash the power of learning by making.

Help us make it possible

Addressing real-world challenges. Empowering tomorrow’s problem-solvers. Shaping the future for the better.

Help us make it possible

With your support of our culture of Advanced Collaboration®, we will:

Accelerate research through state-of-the-art facilities

Encourage and support innovators

  • Research Seed Fund
    Accelerate promising ideas and empower engineers to develop concepts that hold greater uncertainty, but have potential for high-impact breakthroughs.
  • Scaife Hall
    Transform Scaife Hall into a state-of-the-art learning and research environment — including a robotics laboratory and an interdisciplinary cyberphysical systems laboratory — that gives future engineers a starting point for forging bold new paths.

With your support of our innovative engineers, we will:

Attract and retain the best and brightest

Advance technology-enhanced teaching and learning

  • Endowed Professorships
    Support for endowed professorships provides our renowned faculty
    with needed funding and greater freedom in their research.
  • Endowed Fellowships
    By providing graduate fellowships for our best and brightest students, we can enable these growing innovators to tackle real-world challenges in the lab, explore new ideas in the classroom and collaborate with leading professionals in industry.
  • Innovation Funds
    These funds will help to address the most urgent needs of the college and its departments, providing resources for breakthrough research projects, equipment for labs or experiential learning opportunities.


With your support of our multidimensional learning approach, we will:

Cultivate the maker ecosystem

Catalyze learning outside the classroom and lab

Grow the leaders of tomorrow

  • Maker Ecosystem
    We’ll support programming and initiatives across our maker ecosystem, in places like the Tech Spark and ANSYS Hall. For example, we’ll develop additional opportunities and cutting-edge curriculum to enable our students to pursue research and inventive hands-on learning.
  • Undergraduate Research and Travel Funds
    With this funding, we’ll help our students grow through experiences and initiatives that promote discovery and understanding across disciplines and cultures.
  • Equipment and Instruction Funds
    By creating access to state-of-the-art equipment and resources, we’ll improve the capabilities of faculty and students to conduct groundbreaking research.

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