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Carnegie Mellon’s Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences is home to research and education centered on humanity — from how the brain gives rise to the mind to how rapidly evolving technologies affect society.

Building on a foundation of deep disciplinary expertise, the Dietrich College community reaches across boundaries to pursue some of the most thrilling and promising cross-disciplinary research on the planet. And through our innovative approach to education, we prepare students to be leaders with real world impact.

With your support, we will pioneer a modern humanities and social sciences education to create the next generation of thinkers and doers. Together, we will make it possible.

A Message from the Dean

Richard Scheines

The work we are doing today in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences is shaping the future of humanity, from deep disciplinary research and creative projects emerging from each department, to the educational experiences that enhance our students’ learning in and out of the classroom.

Dietrich College is preparing students to navigate complex societal challenges — by exploring what we can make possible across disciplines like language, psychology, data science and philosophy.

With your support, Dietrich College will educate students in a collaborative culture, create learning experiences that address society’s most urgent problems, and attract faculty who will accelerate research and learning opportunities to create the next generation of great thinkers and doers.

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What will you and Dietrich College

Educating students to solve problems across disciplinary boundaries.

Educating students to solve problems across disciplinary boundaries.

When students are taught to think without limits, deeper connections are possible. Our strong commitment to cooperation drives us to combine forces across difference fields to share knowledge and find solutions. Your support will lead to greater understanding.

Help us make it possible
Creating engaged citizens and professionals through experiential learning.

Creating engaged citizens and professionals through experiential learning.

Knowledge comes to life when students put lessons learned in the classroom to work in real-world situations. Your support will connect students to experiences that will change their lives, and help them change the world.

Help us make it possible
Advancing our research by recruiting and supporting faculty.

Advancing our research by recruiting and supporting faculty.

Dietrich faculty’s passion for exploring life’s complex questions echoes through their classrooms and labs, in turn inspiring their students to do work that truly matters. Your support for faculty will make bold discoveries possible.

Help us make it possible
Understanding the human dimensions of technological change.

Understanding the human dimensions of technological change.

CMU faculty across the university share a commitment to looking at tough questions through a lens of interdisciplinary inquiry. Your support of research centers that facilitate this work accelerates tangible change for the better — for everyone.

Help us make it possible

Forging disciplines. Gaining understanding. Revolutionizing education.

Help us make it possible.

With your support for educating students across disciplinary boundaries,
we will:

Enhance learning spaces

Advance diversity and inclusion

Develop students’ critical reasoning skills

Expand the Grand Challenges Seminars

  • Fellowships and Scholarships
    Enable students to secure a Dietrich College education, regardless of their financial circumstances, and grow Dietrich’s diverse and talented student body.
  • Dean’s Innovation Fund
    Invest in programs that address emerging priorities of Dietrich College.
  • Grand Challenges Fund
    Transform students into collaborative problem-solvers as they tackle complex societal issues from multiple perspectives.
  • Holistic Academic Advising
    Create a more holistic academic advising model to support self-direction, experiential learning and career placement.

With your support for creating engaged citizens and professionals, we will:

Create opportunities for internships

Encourage international learning experiences

Enhance undergraduate research

  • Experiential Learning Program Funds
    Fuel students’ journeys as leaders, citizens and scholars through hands-on learning opportunities such as summer internships in PIttsburgh and beyond, entrepreneurship support and guidance, travel and more.
  • Program Support
    Facilitate student growth through experiences and initiatives that break down barriers and promote cross-cultural understanding like the Askwith Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Writing Awards.
  • Senior Honors Program Fellowships
    Give students in the Senior Honors Program a head start on their theses by helping them to do early-stage research and development the summer before their final year.

With your support for Dietrich faculty, we will:

Attract faculty members who lead their fields

Create partnerships that lead to discovery

Invest in faculty research

  • Professorships
    Fuel faculty with funding that inspires their teaching, fuels their research, and assists us in recruiting the best and brightest minds to Dietrich.
  • Graduate Fellowships
    Connect faculty with talented graduate students who can advance important research while fueling their own evolution as scholars and teachers.
  • Faculty Research Fellowships
    Promote promising faculty research in interdisciplinary fields or exploration into new areas of inquiry.

With your support for understanding the human dimensions of technological change, we will:

Advance the Center for Human Rights Science

Expand the Neuroscience Institute

Establish the Center for Technology and Humanity

  • Faculty Research Fellowships
    Accelerate promising areas of research with critical financial support.
  • Research and Educational Support
    Empower Dietrich College faculty and students working at the intersection of technology and humanity, as they explore how people make decisions and how the consequences of decisions can ripple across the world.
  • Conference and Travel Support
    Spur faculty and student research by helping them to connect and find inspiration with their peers around the world.

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